A Standard for Accessible Accommodation

V4AInside represents a technological and organizational innovation in the process of collection and processing of accessibility data , facilities and tourist interest in cultural tourism.

The application, depending on the type of structure to be verified, predisposes cards guided and a simultaneous collection of multimedia data (pictures, drawings) and physical characteristics (slope, size, obstacles, etc..) with a direct monitoring of the system on the whole activity, the opening of the audit until its closure and sending data in "The Cloud", constantly making a check on the consistency of the data.

Each datum is tested against from the device which does not permit tampering and maintains a high level of control/attention. At the end of the audit, all data are instantly processed and sent to the server V4A where it is stored and evaluated by qualified personnel.


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Thanks to a specially developed algorithm, is developed a list of actions and possible improvements (structural, such as elimination of architectural barriers, such as gluten-free menu organizational, communication systems such as communication for the deaf and / or blind, etc..) aimed to increasing the level of accessibility.

This final report will then be possible to plan for long-term interventions to improve the quality and hospitality to all guests.

From Disability to Needs

V4AInside is able to ensure objective, reliable, precise and correct, bringing the possibility of errors to a minimum.


Its objective is to ensure the best result regardless of the detector.

The information gathered by the system V4AInside are for tourists and tour operators and travel agencies, an easy and immediate tool of choice for their trip, itinerary.


The ease of use is one of the strengths of the method V4AInside.


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From the constraints on opportunities for Accommodation Accessible

In order to meet the needs of the target Accessible Tourism is not sufficient to comply with the rules.

Laws, in particular removal of architectural barriers, indicate minimum parameters to be referenced. It is certainly not applying them "tout court" that a tourist can become hospitable to all.

Need an extra effort to search for the best architectural quality, aesthetics and services, which will be useful to all its customers by improving their Accommodation and welcome.

Technology Platform

V4AInside works on IPAD and can take advantage of geo-referencing systems and the software has been developed for multilingual operation, providing intuitive ease of use supported by a training manual and orientation to the contextual menu.

V4AInside has been developed thinking to integrate with other data collection systems / classifications such as: quality certification, rating stars, environmental certification, etc..


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System for the continuous improvement of accessibility

At the end of the survey, all data is immediately processed to produce a final report with which you can plan long-term interventions in order to improve the quality of welcome and hospitality for all customers according to the method of continuous improvement represented byPDCA” (plan–do–check–act).


“PDCA” (plan–do–check–act).

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