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V4AInside represents a technological and organizational innovation in the process of collecting and processing data related to accessibility, through the use of advanced technologies. The device, according to the type of structure to be verified, prepares the appropriate cards guided and a simultaneous collection of multimedia data (photos, movies, vector drawings), physical characteristics (slopes, dimensions, obstacles, etc..) and is directly the system to monitor all the activity (the opening of the audit until its closure and sending the data in "Cloud") constantly doing a consistency check on data entered.

Each information it's approved by the device that does not allow tampering and maintains a high level of control / attention to the operating personnel. Also at the end of a collection, all data is immediately processed and sent to the central system where it is stored and evaluated by qualified personnel. Thanks to a specially developed algorithm, is developed a list of possible improvements (such as reducing structural barriers, such as celiac menus organizational, communication such as communication systems for deaf and / or blind, etc..) aimed at increasing the level of accessibility structures detected.




V4AInside is finalist

for the Mob App Awards 2013

of SMAU Milano!


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PebaPEBA is a cross-sectional analysis and verification instrument necessary to raise awareness of the accessibility needs of its customers. It is aimed at managers of the tourist facilities to facilitate the work of their technical offices and personnel of service, who use it as a business tool to teach them a culture of trasparent accessibility.

65 Mil. le persone disabili in Europa. 4 Mil. le persone disabili in Italia. 3X effetto moltiplicatore di 3 persone per ogni cliente con disabilità o bisogni speciali. Un unico linguaggio per tutti i disabili europei.